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Turanabol 10

Tbol is a steroid that is highly valued by true athletes rather than by bodybuilders which is often the domain of most steroids. That’s not to say that bodybuilders can’t or don’t use Turanabol with benefits, it simply comes down to your personal goals.

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Experienced bodybuilders and those beginners who are keen to learn will soon find that Turanabol comes with some very unique benefits for this type of use, but it will take some planning with your steroid cycle to gain the most out of this interesting and potentially very useful steroid.

Without a doubt though this is a steroid that directly benefits athletes including sporting and endurance athletes, and for that reason it was in the past used illegally by elite Olympic athletes, after which official manufacture of this steroid was halted and remains so to this day. It is now only available on the black market.

This is an oral steroid with great similarities in its chemical structure to the famous Dianabol.

Tbol is derived from testosterone with some modifications which make it less androgenic in activity but still powerfully anabolic although it does not compare to the more potent anabolic steroids on the market when it comes to mass gains or bulking, and these are not the areas of common use or major benefit of Turanabol.

Increased endurance, stamina, strength and improved recovery are the hallmark properties of Turanabol. Clearly these effects are also of benefit to many bodybuilders from a performance enhancement perspective. But perhaps even more powerful is this steroid’s ability to help you get more out of other steroids you’re using.

For this reason, Tbol should be seriously considered as an addition to a cycle for any steroid user regardless of goal. Whether serious mass gaining steroids are being used or those compounds used for cutting, Turanabol can add another dimension to a cycle that allows you to get much more out of your other steroids while keeping their doses lower.

Turanabol is of course an oral steroid, and this does come with its downsides, most notably for its negative effects on the liver. For steroid users with experience in using hepatotoxic compounds, common sense precautions such as limiting cycle length will be at the front of mind.

But for users new to liver toxic oral steroids, it is paramount that the risks are well understood so that the real risk of liver toxicity is minimized as much as possible while still allowing you to extract maximum benefit from the incredibly useful and effective steroid that is Turanabol.

Additional information

Chemical Composition

4 Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone



Pack Size

50 Tabs


Nova Labs

Dosage Instructions

10 mg – 50 mg / day

This steroid should be dosed according to not only what you hope to get out of it specifically, but also in the way that it can work with any other compounds you’re using in the cycle as it is known to enhance their efficiency by preventing the binding of testosterone; thus, freeing up those other compounds for more efficient use by the body.

A relatively low dose of Tbol is effective at achieving this goal. Whatever dosage you decide on, the maximum length of use should be no longer than 8 weeks because of risks to liver health.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Turanabol Dosage
First time users of Turanabol wanting to minimize or even eliminate the chance of androgenic side effects can start as low as 15mg daily, however significant effects should not be expected at such a low dose.

Raising the dose to 30mg per day even as a beginner will normally provide more noticeable benefits while keeping the side effect risk profile low enough for most people to be comfortable with, keeping in mind that cholesterol should still be monitored even at these lower doses.

Intermediate users wanting more anabolic benefits from Turanabol as well as the enhanced endurance and recovery will find that 30mg to 50mg each day, with 40mg daily being the sweet spot is a suitable dose that strikes a balance between providing great benefit while keeping liver and cholesterol risk at a manageable level. This dose will provide some gains in mass and strength while still minimizing the risk of common androgenic effects.

The most advanced and confident of steroid users will likely be using some other very powerful compounds in the cycle whereby Tbol can play a vital role in enhancing the effectiveness and activity of those other steroids. Whichever goal an advanced user has, most will feel confident in starting their dose at the 40mg daily level.

Some of the most advanced steroid users have been known to boost the dose right up to 80mg daily but this should be done with extreme caution and a high level of understanding of the risks to the liver and cholesterol. High doses of this amount will provide increased mass and strength gains, but so too will the risk of androgenic side effects be raised.

Advanced users on a cutting cycle will still likely want to stick to a 40mg daily dose which uses Turanabol mainly as a muscle preservation compound rather than a mass gaining one.

Proper Turanabol Administration and Timing
Some oral steroids are best split into two or even more doses per day because of their short half-life, but this is not the case with Turanabol. This makes it a highly convenient steroid to use, with a long half-life of about 16 hours making it possible and recommended to take a single dose each day.

If for specific reasons you still prefer to split the Turanabol dose each day, taking 50% early in the day and the other half in the evening and keeping this pattern consistent is another option.

However, the effects of Tbol remain excellent when your administration of each dose is kept to once per day and preferably taken around the same time each day for consistency in maintaining optimal blood levels of the compound.

Female Turanabol Dosage
Virilization is a real risk for women using Turanabol so it’s critical that female dosages are kept low enough to avoid these side effects.

The maximum dosage for a female Tbol should not exceed 5mg daily. However, most women will want to start lower at about half that amount. Any dose above 5mg daily is highly likely to result in the development of masculine traits. Women should not use Turanabol for longer than 6 weeks, but many will find that even 4 weeks is effective while minimizing side effect risk.

Effect on Cycle

Turanabol is particularly beneficial for enhancing performance rather than acting as a mass gaining steroids, although it can provide some moderate clean gains in mass but in most cases other compounds will be used as the primary anabolic compound for muscle gain.

Turanabol is a steroid that can be used for multiple purposes and the user is best advised to develop an understanding of how this steroid works, so you’re able to include it in a cycle to the greatest effect. Below are the main benefits and effects that Tbol can deliver:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Mass Gains
  • Helps preserve lean tissue
  • Boosts efficiency of other steroids
  • Boosts recovery
  • Stamina

Additional Information

Turanabol would be considered one of the most placid steroids when it comes to side effects, in that the negative effects are very mild in most areas that are of concern to anyone taking steroids and particularly those who have great experience with estrogenic and androgenic effects, where Turanabol is weak to non-existent.

But there is one particular area we need to keep a close eye on when using Turanabol and that concerns cholesterol. Here’s what to look out for when it comes to the potential side effects of Turanabol:

Androgenic Tbol Side Effects

Turanabol has a very low amount of androgenic activity, and possibly none. Most men can likely use Turanabol with no noticeable androgenic related side effects like acne and hair loss.

Women on the other hand are highly likely to experience virilization symptoms when Turanabol is used at higher doses, indicating that there is certainly some androgenic property to Turanabol but generally at a low enough level that it’s barely or not at all noticeable to male users.

Estrogenic Tbol Side Effects
A big benefit of Turanabol is that it doesn’t aromatize at all so there are no estrogen related side effects to worry about. This removes some of the biggest concerns that steroid users have by not causing any water retention, high blood pressure or male breast tissue enlargement. Other side effects that may occur:

• Cholesterol
• Testosterone suppression
• Liver Toxicity

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