Testosterone Combo 325 IPH

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Testosterone Combo 325

You’re probably wondering, what is the difference between these 5 types of Testosterone?

The main difference is that they all have a different half-life.

The reason why iPharma testoblend 325mg is so popular is that it offers stable testosterone levels.

Testosterone Combo 325mg

This means that in 325mg you’ll find:

30mg testosterone acetate

50mg Testosterone Propionate

50mg testosterone phenyl propionate

90mg Testosterone Cypionate

105mg testosterone Decanoate

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The Testosterone Combo, a blend of multiple testosterone esters, is designed to provide a sustained release of testosterone into the bloodstream, optimizing anabolic effects for bodybuilding purposes. This combination typically includes:

– 30mg Testosterone Acetate
– 50mg Testosterone Propionate
– 50mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate
– 90mg Testosterone Cypionate
– 105mg Testosterone Decanoate

### How the Testosterone Combo is Used in Bodybuilding

**1. Enhanced Muscle Mass and Strength**

The primary benefit of using a Testosterone Combo in bodybuilding is the significant increase in muscle mass and strength. Testosterone is a powerful anabolic hormone that promotes protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle growth. The blend’s varied esters ensure both rapid and sustained release, maintaining stable testosterone levels for continuous muscle-building effects.

**2. Improved Recovery**

Testosterone accelerates recovery by enhancing the repair of muscle fibers damaged during intense workouts. This leads to reduced muscle soreness and allows for more frequent and intense training sessions. The blend ensures that there is always a sufficient level of testosterone in the bloodstream to aid in ongoing recovery processes.

**3. Increased Nitrogen Retention**

Testosterone enhances nitrogen retention in muscles, which is crucial for creating a positive nitrogen balance. A positive nitrogen balance is necessary for muscle hypertrophy, as it indicates that the muscles are in a state of anabolism rather than catabolism. This leads to greater muscle growth and improved overall body composition.

**4. Boosted Red Blood Cell Production**

Testosterone stimulates the production of red blood cells, which increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This results in enhanced endurance and stamina, allowing bodybuilders to perform longer and more intense workouts. Improved oxygenation also aids in faster recovery.

**5. Fat Loss**

Testosterone has a metabolic boosting effect, which helps in reducing body fat. It increases the body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR), making it easier to burn calories even at rest. Additionally, higher testosterone levels can help in preserving lean muscle mass during calorie deficits, ensuring that weight loss is predominantly from fat.

Administration and Dosage

The administration of the Testosterone Combo is typically through intramuscular injection. Dosages can vary depending on the individual’s experience, goals, and tolerance. A common regimen might involve injecting once or twice a week to maintain stable testosterone levels. For example, a dosage might range from 200mg to 600mg per week, divided into two injections.

Cycle Length

Cycles using the Testosterone Combo usually last between 8 to 16 weeks. Shorter cycles might be preferred by beginners, while more advanced bodybuilders might opt for longer cycles to maximize gains.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)

After completing a cycle, it is crucial to undergo Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) to help restore natural testosterone production and mitigate any potential side effects. PCT typically involves medications like Clomid or Nolvadex.

In summary, the Testosterone Combo is used in bodybuilding to enhance muscle mass, improve recovery, increase endurance, promote fat loss, and maintain a positive nitrogen balance. Proper administration and adherence to recommended dosages and cycle lengths are essential for achieving optimal results while minimizing risks.

Additional information

Chemical Composition

Test Acetate, Test Cypionate, Test Decanoate, Test Phenylpropionate, Test Propionate



Pack Size

10ml Vial



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