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TB -500

TB-500 is a synthetic version of natural thymosin beta 4 that occurs in the body. It is a peptide that has a multitude of bodily benefits, primarily – muscular healing. Originally sold purely for veterinary use, this synthetic peptide also works wonders for humans. It’s linked to impressive muscle recovery, generation of tissue fibres, red blood cell production, and new cell migration. Working quickly and effectively, it helps the body heal from injury.

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If you have acute pain which needs alleviating, one of the best options is to periodically inject a TB-500 dose. The substance is a synthetic thymosin beta 4 peptide that will help you quickly heal from wounds, bodily pain, or muscle damage.

It has gained notoriety for its repair of muscle, tendons, heart, skin, and eye injuries. The synthetic compound is much related to its parent beta 4, performing the same sort of task in the body, but thymosin beta4 is not as easily produced due to its size. The TB-500 peptide is a preferable option because it can be easily manufactured.

The uses of this peptide are broad and can be used in the following:

  • Repair of soft tissue
  • Healing from athletic injury
  • Ligament, tendon or muscle repair
  • Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Treatment of spinal cord injury
  • Treatment of eye disorders
  • Improvement of immune support
  • Use in the repair of chemical burns
  • Reducing inflammation

Tb-500 and thymosin work by upregulating the proteins that build bodily cells, primarily actin, a protein that forms muscle cell filaments and is involved in the metabolism of numerous cells. Actin is a cellular protein critical to cell mobility, muscular contraction, and signaling between cells. Upregulation results in improved cell growth, healing, cell proliferation, and cell migration. TB500 peptide can even reduce pulmonary hypertension and hypertrophy in the heart.

The substance increases angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) around damaged tissues, expanding new blood vessel pathways and reducing inflammation – all of this results in faster wound healing.

When you research and read peptides reviews online, you’ll notice the thing that sets TB-500 apart is its low molecular weight. This allows it to travel long distances through bodily tissues, targeting injured areas much quicker and easier than many other peptides.

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Chemical Composition

Thymosin Beta 4



Pack Size

1 Vial


Nova Labs

Dosage Instructions

2.5mg per Week via Subcutaneous injection, once a Week, with a typical cycle length of 2-6 Weeks

When looking at peptides reviews, you’ll find that TB500 is most commonly administered with an injection into the body. The process is relatively simple and effective – all you need to do is determine the correct dosage, gather required materials, and follow basic steps to inject correctly.

You calculate TB-500 dosage based on the damage or injury sustained to your body, and people normally use between 4 – 8 mg of the substance on a weekly basis during an initial “loading phase”. After this, you can keep taking the substance indefinitely every two weeks for as long as you need to. Usually, the effects are known to wear off around 2 weeks after injection.

The correct TB-500 dosage for humans is based on weight.


Supplier peptide websites often sell TB-500 in a powdered form, and you can often find it commonly marketed under the name of Thymosin Beta 4. You need to mix the constituted powder with bacteriostatic water. Once you draw the mix into an insulin syringe, you can inject it how you see fit, either subcutaneously, intramuscularly, or intravenously. It’s a relatively simple process, condensed into three simple steps.

Effect on Cycle

If you’re wondering “what does thymosin do?”, there are a wide range of benefits documented in scientific research:

●     An improved cell migration towards the site of injury  tb-500 results in an increase of cell migration around the body, helping the body repair its tissues quickly and effectively.

●     Reduces inflammation – the compound is a novel anti-inflammatory agent, producing a diverse array of healing properties. The research has also found that the substance can suppress apoptosis.

●     Reduction in pressure ulcers –The substance can reduce the intensity of pressure ulcers when administered topically.

●     Greater endurance – because wounds heal faster and inflammation decreases, people feel healthier and have greater endurance. This is especially noted among athletes.

●     Brain function recovery – studies found in the National Library of Medicine link thymosin beta-4 and related peptides to the reduction of brain injury The anti-inflammatory properties of thymosin reduce traumatic brain injury and promote angiogenesis.

●     Promotes wound healing – TB500 creates an expression of matrix metalloproteinases. These can lead to increased wound healing in muscles all around the body.

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  • Light-headedness
  • Nauseous feeling upon injection
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Cramping

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