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Stenabolic – SR9009

Stenabolic, or SR9009, is a compound that will appeal to athletes who are particularly focused on wanting to improve endurance and recovery. It can also have some benefits for fat loss.

While not one of the most powerful substances an athlete can use, SR9009 still has its uses and works particularly well when combined with more potent compounds.

The lack of human based research on Stenabolic means there is not a lot of data about exactly what it can do, although research on lab mice showed certain improvements in important areas like exercise capacity and making better use of stored fat as energy. Stenabolic may also provide some important benefits for recovery centered around sleep.

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Stenabolic is another compound which is often referred to as a SARM but is technically not a SARM at all. In scientific speak it is known as an agonist of Rev-ErbA, but for those of you without a chemistry degree the main interest is in what SR9009 can do for your performance and results.

Initial lab studies showed that SR9009 was effective at increasing exercise capacity. It was also found that Stenabolic alters the circadian rhythm in mice but as this was an experimental research with unknown effects in humans, it’s still not fully understood how Stenabolic would impact on the human circadian rhythm, either positively or negatively.

Bodybuilders and other athletes who have used Stenabolic have determined that it is very beneficial in some specific areas of interest: mainly in increasing endurance and stamina, as well as for fat loss.

As this is a research drug only and is not approved for use in humans, no official manufacturer of Stenabolic takes place and the only way to purchase it is through companies who sell it as a research chemical.

The scientist who created Stenabolic has stated that this compound may have little to no bioavailability in humans when taken orally as it does not make its way into the bloodstream.

However, those that use the drug for performance enhancing purposes often report a high rate of bioavailability, potentially indicating the possible downplaying by official sources of the true effectiveness and beneficial effects of Stenabolic to discourage use. Many people are using this compound with exceptional results despite the lack of official scientific research of its effects on humans.

Despite this, and the range of unknowns that surround the overall effects of Stenabolic, it is still listed as a prohibited drug by WADA because of its performance enhancing abilities.

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Dosage Instructions

Like most things about this compound, there is no consensus on dosage for performance enhancement either and most users will experiment with their own dosages and cycles.

We know that Stenabolic has a very short half-life of about 4 hours only so you will want to be timing your intake so it matches up to when you need the effects to kick in and this will usually be about 2 hours before you start a workout at which point its activity in the body will be at the optimal level.

A dosage of under 20mg is suitable for just about anyone, and good effects can even be seen at just 5mg, but most people will want to multiply that dosage. This is a compound that’s suitable for using with steroids or other SARMs in a stack.

When considering your dosage, you need to be aware that Stenabolic has a very short half-life: just four hours approximately. So, it not only starts working quickly but also leaves the system quickly, meaning to maintain the optimal level of this compound you’ll need to split the dosage into two or more daily.

For some people though, a single daily dose might fit with your goals such as powering an upcoming workout and keeping you focused throughout it. In this case it’s best to take your once daily dose about an hour before working out.

Those who want the effects of Stenabolic to last for longer than a single workout are likely to follow the option of splitting the dose into two or three times a day. This can provide greater benefits for sleep quality and maintaining mental focus for longer periods.

When making this decision you should be considering not only the physical effects of SR9009 but the mental benefits as well; and for that reason, most people will benefit from splitting the dose to keep the effects at their peak.

The absolute maximum dose of Stenabolic that is considered safe is 50mg per day. For most users, that level of dosage will be beyond what is required, and many users see good results with as little as 5mg daily which is a good place for new users to start where you can then evaluate the effects of SR 9009 and adjust the dosage as needed.

Most users find a balance at around 30mg daily, and by splitting this into three doses of 10mg three times per day you maintain optimal levels of Stenabolic and reduce the risk of sleeping issues occurring. Higher doses of Stenabolic may run the risk of inducing insomnia which is the opposite effect of what you want to achieve when it comes to improving your quality of rest, recovery and sleep.



Just as with dosing, when it comes to the best cycles for Stenabolic it all comes down to people experimenting and sharing their experiences, as there is no official scientific data out there on how long Stenabolic should be used for best results, and what the best other compounds to stack it with are.

It has been trial and error for many people, but enough have used it to gain a solid idea of using Stenabolic to obtain maximum results from a cycle.

Experimenting with your own personal dosages and cycle lengths is still a good idea, while ensuring you don’t exceed recommended highest dose or extend your cycles to extensive periods as any impacts of longer-term use of the compound has still not been determined.

An 8-week cycle is an ideal length to reap benefits while reducing any negative risks but increasing this to 12 weeks is more than possible and is not known to raise the risk of side effects, if a suitable break is taken after the cycle of a similar length.

Here are some example cycles to get you started with SR9009:

SR9009 only cycle

A Stenabolic only cycles gives you a good introduction to the specific effects of this compound and from there you can make decisions of what other compounds to stack it with in future to meet your particular goals. A SR-9009 cycle should run for at least 8 weeks, but it’s possible to go for up to 12 weeks. Start at 5mg or 10mg daily, then increase this to a maximum of 30mg daily if desired.


SR9009 cycle for endurance

SR-9009 excels at boosting endurance as one of its main benefits, so it’s going to appeal mostly to athletes who want to be able to push harder and for longer; this can be anyone from runners to bodybuilders. An effective endurance stack is combining 10mg-50mg daily of Stenabolic with Ligandrol at 10mg day.


Ligandrol boosts strength and healing while increasing capacity to gain muscle. Cardarine is another compound which has significant effects on endurance and stacking that at just 10-20mg daily with Stenabolic will provide an impressive performance boost. Each of these stacked endurance cycles can run for between 8 and 12 weeks, with a break of the same length of time to follow.

SR9009 cutting cycle

Cardarine and Stenabolic make for a POTENT CUTTING STACK combination where fast fat burning is possible and existing muscle is preserved because Cardarine ensures that muscle is not being used for energy.


Stenabolic will boost your focus and stamina as well as contributing directly to fat burning and encourage the use of stored fat as energy; this makes Stenabolic and Cardarine a perfectly matched stack for cutting. For best results use Cardarine 10mg-20mg per day with a once daily dose, and SR9009 at 20mg to 30mg daily split into two or three doses, for an 8-week cycle. Neither of these compounds will require any PCT.



Stenabolic won’t suppress your testosterone at all because it has no impact on this hormone. This means you simply stop Stenabolic at the end of your cycle, and it’s then recommended you take a break of at least 6 weeks to allow the body to recover.

However, if your cycle is going to include any steroids or any other SARM or other compound that does cause some testosterone suppression, post cycle theraphy will need to be implemented according to the best protocol as it relates to those compounds.



Stenabolic is one of the few compounds that comes with a broad range of benefits that extend beyond the main physical ones. But when it comes to your physical results, SR9009 is no slouch.


You can expect to see quality fat burning as a result of an improved metabolic rate and a noticeable improvement in your endurance which is going to propel your workouts and other physical activity so you’re naturally going to burn more fat – if you can exercise for longer and at a higher intensity, more calories are going to burn.

For many people, fat burning is the main reason to use Stenabolic and your results can be expected to be impressive; but only if you maintain a good quality diet and keep up intensive exercise throughout the cycle.

Since you’re likely to be eating less calories while trying to burn fat during a Stenabolic cycle, the loss of muscle tissue becomes a great concern. Stenabolic can help preserve muscle while fat is burning and potentially contribute to muscle gains if you’re including weight training in your workouts and using other bulking compounds in a stack.


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