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More and more people are looking at Lover’s Peptide -PT 141 (bremelanotide) as the go-to cure for sexual health problems. While it doesn’t cure all sexual ailments, it is a compound that does great things for people’s sexual dysfunction and arousal. People all around the world who experience problems with their sex lives need this medicine to help improve intimacy.

One great thing about it is that the peptide produces few cardiovascular side effects, making it a game-changer for the elderly population who have a greater risk of strokes and heart attacks.

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PT141 is a peptide hormone treatment that is mainly innovative for improving sexual function in both men and women. It is a derivative for Melanotan II, more specifically a synthetic cyclic heptapeptide derivative of the alpha-MSH hormone. Its chemical makeup means that it works as a non-selective agonist for receptors MC1 to MC5, which are found primarily in the body’s nervous system.

You may have heard it more commonly referred to as Bremelanotide, or the “sex peptide” as it produces a positive sexual response. Other than the enhancement of sexual libido, consumers can also benefit from enhanced energy levels and greater arousal.

Both Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSSD) and Inhibited Sexual Desire (IDS) are considered sexual dysfunctions that lead to both an absence of sexual fantasy or sexual desire. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) renders women unable to maintain arousal or even attain sexual arousal during periods of sexual activity.

PT141 acts as a synthetic manmade aphrodisiac and is unlike many other related PDE5 inhibitor medicines such as Cialis and Viagra. The interesting thing about Pt 141 is that it doesn’t act upon the vascular system, rather it works directly on the hypothalamus in the brain to increase feelings of desire. Common medicines such as Viagra or Levitra aren’t aphrodisiacs and have no effect on a person’s libido, yet when used in combination with PT141 they are known to produce a synergistic effect.


If you look at peptide’s reviews online, you’ll likely notice that most people using this substance are those who experience some degree of failing sexual health. This peptide is particularly for those who have troubles with sexual dysfunction. Unlike a lot of other common sex substances, this substance is for both men and women.


Pt-141 for men and women works on the nervous system, increasing satisfaction, desire, and sexual arousal. Unlike other treatments that work on the vascular system and only give one the ability to maintain an erection, this substance creates motivation and desire along with an erection. It works just as well in females as males too, helping to boost libido.

The result is that consumers can enjoy the passion and intimacy of their relationships. In some essence they are the best peptides for sexual health because they work on the nervous system and do not affect cardiovascular health – this makes them safe for a diverse population, including those who are prone to heart conditions.

The peptide stimulates the production of dopamine hormones which increase sexual motivation. Dopamine is a common neurotransmitter that is responsible for performance – when you don’t produce enough of it, you can feel depressed and have a low libido in general.

While PT141 works to boost sexual health, it can also be great for increasing natural energy levels without resorting to harmful means such as drinks or pills. Moreover, the effects of PT141 make it a great option as a fake tan, helping people get darker skin much faster than with conventional tanning methods.

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