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Helios Inject

Important Cycle advice – we put this first as it is critically important. Don’t think you can handle more as you probably cannot

HELIOS is a blend of Clenbuterol and Yohimbine HCl. Clenbuterol is a Beta 2 androgenic with some similarities to ephedrine, but its effects are more potent and longer lasting as a stimulant and thermogenic drug. Thermogenics are dietary supplements used to stimulate the body’s burning of fat.

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Helios Inject (this Clen / Yohimbine blend injectable unit dose) was specially formulated for spot reduction of stubborn areas of fat tissue for muscle – fat desired proportions. The injected compound promotes fat loss through the adrenergic system. Spot fat reduction is a within your reach. The blend would act under conditions were other means including the use of traditional oral Clenbuterol and Yohimbine products could not provide the desirable effect.

Helios Inject contains a blend of Clenbuterol Hydrochloride and Yohimbine Hydrochloride. The blend is very potent combination of a beta and alpha antagonist. Clenbuterol and Yohimbine promote fat loss through the same adrenergic system, but the effects are achieved through different mechanisms.

Clenbuterol is a known thermogenics shown to directly stimulate fat cells metabolism and accelerate the breakdown of triglycerides to form free fatty acids.

The hormone glucagon released signals the breakdown of the triglycerides by hormone-sensitive lipase to release free fatty acids. Yohimbine, being an antagonist of alpha-2 receptors shifts the balance of sympathetic activity to ensure that lipolysis occurs.

This increases synaptic Norepinephrine release, one of the body’s own natural Lipolytic hormones. In effect, it acts as beta stimulating and alpha blocking properties, an ideal combination to stimulate fat loss.

Injecting HELIOS one must consider the beta-2 receptor down – regulation may/will occur, hence the need to cycle administration just as one would oral Clenbuterol.

One must start at a low dose to be on the watch for adverse side effects due to the high potency.  0, 5 ML is a recommended starting dose in the morning injected straight into the fat deposit for local fat loss. The dose must be adjusted cautiously. Never exceed 2ML per day! Because the adrenergic receptors will stop its responsiveness.

Additional information

Chemical Composition

Clenbuterol HCL, Yohimbe HCL


40mcg, 5.4mg

Pack Size

20ml Vial


GR Pharma

Dosage Instructions

0.25-0.5ml per day (See sample cycle below)

week 1: 0.5 ML per day
week 2: 1 ML per day
then stop two weeks
week 5: 0.5 ML per day
week 6: 1 ML per day
repeat breaks and repeat usage


  • Post-Cycle Therapy: Clenbuterol is used post cycle to aid in recovery. It allows the user to continue eating large amounts of food, without worrying about adding body fat. It also helps the user maintain more of his strength as well as his work out intensity. Diet: Roughly the same as on cycle.
  • Fat loss: The most popular use for Clenbuterol, it also increases muscle hardness, vascularity, strength and size on a caloric deficit. For the most significant fat loss, Clen can be stacked with T3. Diet: A high protein (1.5g per lb of bodyweight), moderate carbohydrate (0.5g to 1g per lb of bodyweight), low fat diet (0.25g per lb of bodyweight) seems to work best with Clen.
  • Alternative to Steroids: Clenbuterol has mild steroid-like properties and can be used by non AS allowing bodybuilder to increase LBM as well as strength and muscle hardness. Diet: A moderate carbohydrate, high protein, moderate fat diet work well.

Additional Information

There are several possible side effects to Clenbuterol use, and the primary will surround its stimulating nature. No surprise, after all, Clen is a stimulant. The side effects of Clenbuterol can be very strong and often very annoying to say the least, and they will generally affect most people in one way or another.


  • Anxiety.
  • Shaking.
  • Headaches.
  • Abnormal sweating.
  • Raised body temperature.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive sweating
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

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