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Aromasin (Exemestic) is a breast cancer treatment medication designed for treating breast cancer in women who are post-menopausal and who still have the disease after using a SERM drug such as Clomifene Citrate (Clomid).

The best way to keep Estrogen from causing problems is to make sure it is never created in high amounts in the first place. Using a compound that inhibits the Aromatase Enzyme is a sure way to make sure Testosterone and other Steroids are never converted into side-effect causing Estrogen. A compound that inhibits the Aromatase Enzyme from creating Estrogen is called an Aromatase Inhibitor, or AI for short. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to AI’s (Aromatase Inhibitors), and Aromasin is certainly one of the most popular options for bodybuilders that cycle steroids for several reasons.

The half-life of Aromasin is only about 9 hours and clears quickly. However, because of how effective Exemestane is at eliminating Aromatase enzymes (80-90% after administration), estrogen levels will remain low up to 72 hours after a single dose of 25mg. This is why aromasin is very effectively dosed every other day.

Now, the place where Aromasin really shines is in post cycle therapy (PCT). There is simply no other Aromatase inhibitor that can compare in terms of its effects on recovery. We already mentioned how Aromasin lowers SHBG, which increases free testosterone.
What does that mean? In a study, Aromasin dosed at 25mg per day increased total testosterone by 60% in only 10 days. Even better than that, is the fact that free (useable) testosterone increased over 100% in the same time frame! In addition, Aromasin also increases IGF-1 levels. There is no estrogen rebound from Aromasin, and it is also a very powerful and effective treatment for gynecomastia. All of this makes Aromasin a no-brainer for post cycle therapy as well as on cycle estrogen control.

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Users can expect to see a dramatically lower level of estrogen in the body when using Aromasin. The reason for this is due to it blocking the aromatase enzyme. This is the enzyme in the body responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Aromasin and Testosterone, Aromasin blocks the aromatase enzyme, which is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. When this happens, there is a dramatic decrease of testosterone in the body. Since many bodybuilders want to be at low levels of estrogen, they will stop taking Aromasin. This can lead to a rebound in estrogen levels and potentially increased oils and water retention Aromasin does not affect DHT levels in the body, which might be a concern for some users. However, Aromasin is not an anti-androgen. It only has a mild effect on DHT levels when used in combination with testosterone.
Users can also expect to see a significant decrease in estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia due to this. Aromasin, which is one of the first AAS to be marketed, also improves natural production of testosterone. This drug is generally prescribed as a last resort and when other treatments fail to produce desired effects.
Users should not expect to see prevention of side effects caused by DHT based steroids as these do not convert to estrogen. The only proven way to prevent the side effects caused by DHT is a drug called Finasteride. Finasteride helps prevent the side effects that may be caused by 3-alpha-reductase (DHT) in men who are predisposed to those side effects, such as baldness and prostate enlargement. Bodybuilders can also expect to see a decrease in libido, which is caused by the conversion of testosterone to DHT.
Anabolic Androgenic Steroids and Testosterone Anabolic androgenic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone that are used primarily in medicine to treat certain diseases, but also used as performance-enhancing drugs. For example, Anadrol 50 is an anabolic androgenic steroid that is prescribed to treat androgen deficiency.
Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, responsible for the development of male secondary characteristics during fetal development. Testosterone production in males begins at approximately week 4 of gestation, with maximal levels reached by 9 to 12 weeks. The testes contain the majority of testosterone produced in males, with smaller amounts produced by the adrenal glands and rest of the body. It is the presence of testosterone that causes certain physical changes associated with puberty in males. Manufactured versions of testosterone preparations may be obtained as a prescription drug. There are also many hormone preparations available without a prescription.
Aromasin is a powerful aromatase inhibitor which is what makes it also valued so highly by people who use anabolic steroids.
The main use you’ll be having for Aromasin is to use it on a steroid cycle to stop estrogen related side effects with the most important one being gynecomastia (gyno).
Exemestic, which is the active compound and chemical name of Aromasin, works by blocking the effects of estrogen in the breast tissue so the growth of cancer can be limited or stopped.This breast tissue targeted estrogen blocking action of this aromatase inhibitor is useful for bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids with aromatizing effects which cause estrogenic side effects – specifically gynecomastia (gyno), or male breast tissue enlargement.
When we let gyno take hold while using steroids, the effects are not only ugly and embarrassing to look at, but they can be impossible to get rid of without surgery. So, making use of an aromatase inhibitor like Aromasin is one of the most important things a male steroid user must do.

Aromasin For Gynecomastia and Estrogen Control
Aromatase inhibitors including Aromasin have become a vital tool for steroid users in the battle to combat estrogen related side effects during a steroid cycle.
One of most feared estrogenic side effects from steroids which aromatize is gynecomastia – male breast tissue enlargement. If not adequately controlled, then this condition can become irreversible through any means besides invasive surgery.
Additional estrogen related side effects we need to control with an aromatase inhibitor include water retention and the high blood pressure that can come with allowing water retention to reach a high level.
AIs like Aromasin work more universally than another type of drug that’s popular with steroid users; SERMs which are selective in the tissue they target. Aromasin on the other hand can lower overall serum estrogen levels by blocking the process of aromatization. When the steroids you’re using convert testosterone to estrogen, this is an aromatizing process and one which most steroids will cause.
Aromasin is a powerful and effective way to lower your estrogen levels while on a steroid cycle so you can reduce or even completely prevent estrogenic side effects like gyno, and this drug is known to be very effective at lowering estrogen.
Studies show that Aromasin can lower estrogen levels and increase testosterone concentrations in males. It was found that the drug works fast to start suppressing estrogen, with concentration of the drug being at its highest level just one hour after a 25mg dosage, and the maximum level of estrogen suppression was seen at the 12-hour mark.

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Dosage Instructions

Recommended Dose: 20MG every 3rd day or it can be split to 10MG for two days on ,one day off.

Aromasin is a very potent aromatase inhibitor and new users, as well as experienced ones, will find that ongoing adjustments are not only ideal but recommended when it comes to both your dosage and frequency.
Rather than just copying what someone else is taking so you can get the best outcome of mitigating estrogenic side effects without taking more Aromasin than you need and striking a balance between effective estrogen control and avoiding detrimental side effects.
Aromasin Dosage During Anabolic Steroid Use
Low doses of Aromasin are effective at reducing estrogen levels while on a steroid cycle. This isn’t a drug that needs to be taken every day while you’re on a cycle, and most of the time a two to three days per week is administration does the job.

Most people will find that 12.5mg every two days works very well, but your dose and frequency will heavily depend on the intensity of the steroids you’re using and your individual sensitivity to estrogen and Aromasin itself.
In rare circumstances some guys will find that a 25mg dose every two days or even every day is required to keep estrogen at bay, but due to possible effects on cholesterol this high level of Aromasin intake should only be done for a short period of time as needed.
Female Aromasin Dosage
Woman who uses steroids don’t have the same concerns as men when it comes to estrogen levels. Additionally, Aromasin is a very powerful inhibitor of estrogen so young women will not want to reduce estrogen levels to the extent that this drug is able to.

Some females who use steroids and are concerned about water retention might choose to use Aromasin at a low dose of just half a tablet twice per week, adjusting as necessary and many women will find even this amount is at the high end. This equals 12.5mg per dose with a 25mg tablet.

Aromasin Dosage for Increased Endogenous Testosterone Secretion and PCT
It’s known that Aromasin can stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone which are both required for testosterone production. But the very dramatic and effective way that Aromasin can suppress estrogen can in fact be its downfall for PCT use, where you do need some low level of estrogen as a male for testosterone to start normalizing again. Therefore, SERMs like Nolvadex and Clomid are mostly recommended for PCT instead.

Some people will combine both that SERM and the AI Aromasin for PCT, and while studies have shown a SERM-AI combination can be counterproductive using other aromatase inhibitor products, this does not seem to be the case with Aromasin. A maximum dosage of 25mg daily for Aromasin during PCT for 2 weeks can be combined with Nolvadex at up to 40mg daily for 4 weeks as an effective PCT cycle – however many men will find that the SERM alone is enough to adequately recover testosterone function and retain your gains.

The two main goals of PCT are to help your testosterone recovery and to retain the gains you’ve made on your steroid cycle. Both Aromasin and Nolvadex are both known to work very well to reduce your estrogen levels and associated side effects while you’re using steroids – but what about after your steroid cycle during post cycle therapy?

The SERM Nolvadex is possibly the most used drug for post cycle theraphy to stimulate testosterone production and help get your normal hormonal function back on track following the extreme testosterone suppression that steroids cause. In addition to helping lower your circulating estrogen levels while you’re on a steroid cycle, Aromasin has the other beneficial effect of stimulating natural testosterone production and this can make it appealing for PCT purposes.
One of the standout factors of this AI compared to some of the older (though still popular) products like Arimidex is that it can also increase Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) which is something that other AIs are not known to be able to do. This increases your overall anabolic state which is going to be critical for maintaining your gains, which can easily fall away after your steroid cycle if you descend into a more catabolic state where muscle tissue is lost.
So while this looks to make Aromasin a very appealing PCT choice, it’s not quite that simple and in fact the very potent estrogen lowering effect of Aromasin can prove to be its downfall for PCT use – while we certainly don’t want higher than normal estrogen levels (men should always have a very small amount), suppressing it completely or to extremely low levels like Aromasin does can result in a great difficulty in testosterone production going back to normal levels because that process does require some amount of estrogen and it’s very possible to Aromasin is just too powerful in the estrogen suppression process to be of great use during PCT.
Therefore, a SERM like Nolvadex is most often used and recommended for PCT over the AI Aromasin. For most anabolic steroid users besides the most hardcore and advanced, Nolvadex is all you will often need, and an AI may not be necessary at all even though more and more steroid users are claiming that AIs are essential especially for controlling water retention.
This side effect can and should be addressed by the diet as well and with some effort most steroid users can find that the use of Aromasin during PCT is not necessary at all or only required at very low doses. Aromatase inhibitors are best used where they provide the most benefit, and that’s during a steroid cycle to protect against both estrogenic and progestin side effects.

Side Effects

Overall, Aromasin is considered a well-tolerated drug by most men who use it. The side effects will clearly have a different profile between men and women due to the differing roles estrogen plays in each gender. Men require only low levels of estrogen while for women, it is the main sex hormone.

Most of the side effects known about Aromasin relate to its use as a cancer drug. Women taking Aromasin for breast cancer treatment will usually take this drug for two or three years, or even longer. This is considerably longer than the short periods of time that bodybuilders make use of Aromasin either during a steroid cycle or sometimes during post cycle therapy; in each case you’re likely to be using Aromasin for several weeks at the most. It is to be expected that using the drug for several years consecutively is likely to pose considerably greater risk of side effects than the short time use of Aromasin for bodybuilding purposes.

The medical use of Aromasin can potentially cause these common side effects:

Joint, Bone or Muscle Pain

Estrogen is important for bone mineral content and bone health but the short-term use of this drug by steroid users is unlikely to cause a noticeable impact in this area. If you allow your estrogen levels to drop too far, some joint and bone pain might be experienced, and this usually disappears once your use of Aromasin stops.


Bone Mineral Content

One of the side effects bodybuilders and athletes can be most concerned about is the potential for Aromasin to lower bone mineral content which can potentially lead to a higher risk of fractures and osteoporosis. But it should also be remembered that many steroids improve bone mineral content so this Aromasin downside can be offset somewhat and is, like so many side effects, thought to be a very individual response to the drug where it could be a concern for some users but not at all for others.


Another effect of reducing estrogen below a certain point is the onset of fatigue, sometimes to a chronic level. Modifying your dosage of Aromasin can get this unwanted side effect under control.



Another side effect area to consider with Aromasin is cholesterol. There is still conflicting evidence out there concerning the effect that this drug has on cholesterol, with some studies showing no effect and others showing a negative effect.

Mostly of concern for steroid users is that steroids themselves often have a negative impact on cholesterol so even if Aromasin only has a mild impact on your cholesterol as an individual, this could be alleviated much more substantially while you’re using a cholesterol-impacting anabolic steroid. So, if you know you’re prone to cholesterol issues, keeping close track of it is already going to be a priority while you’re using steroids and should be done even more so if you’re making use of Aromasin or any other aromatase inhibitor.

One aspect that can come as a surprise to new users of Aromasin is that it can exhibit mild androgenic side effects. This is a steroidal aromatase inhibitor, unlike other AIs used by anabolic steroid users which are usually non-steroidal. It will take higher doses of Aromasin for any androgenic effects to become noticeable though and they would almost certainly be weak in nature such as a mild case of acne which could be barely noticeable for many people. Those with a higher sensitivity to androgenic side effects such as acne and hair loss should be aware of this potential with Aromasin though.

Other minor side effects which are listed for Aromasin by women using it as a medication include:

Headache Dizziness Upset stomach Diarrhea Anxiety Hot Flashes Sweating Nausea Insomnia Depression
Again, these effects are relatively unlikely in male steroid users using this drug for estrogen control unless very high doses are taken or Aromasin is used for longer periods of time than is recommended or necessary for our needs of estrogen control.

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