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Epistaine – Pro Hormone

At its simplest, Epistane or “Epi” – as it’s commonly called in the business – is a type of prohormone that’s a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and shares similar features with epitiostanol.

This prohormone is scientifically listed as 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol and is considered as non-progestanic in nature.

Unlike most anabolic steroids that must be injected in the body to get their magic going, Epistane is taken orally – which is way more convenient compared to the former – to set off considerable gains in lean muscle as well as pick up the pace on the synthesis of protein in the body that translates to a distinct increase in overall strength levels.

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Just to give you an idea of how Epistane works, it basically binds to androgen receptors that are located in muscle stem cells and skeletal muscle cells. When this happens, these androgen receptors send messages to cells to boost their retention of nitrogen and protein synthesis, which improve strength and muscle mass.

What’s even more interesting is Epistane is a c17-alpha alkylated is an analog of epitiostane, which has been proven in several clinical studies as having anti-estrogen effects and has little ability to aromatize. However, it isn’t an aromatase inhibitor or AI in any way.

The presence of excessive estrogen in the body can result in undesirable effects such as unwanted fat accumulation, bloating, and water retention. Fortunately, the inclusion of this prohormone in your regimen offers a solution to combat these issues.

It is widely regarded by experienced users as a potent compound, often likened to renowned anabolic steroids like Turinabol and Winstrol, owing to its remarkable potential in promoting lean muscle gains and enhancing overall performance. By harnessing the benefits of this prohormone, you can effectively address estrogen-related concerns while unlocking the potential for significant improvements in physique and athletic prowess.

This is the reason why Epistane has become quite popular as a bulking and cutting cycle agent all rolled into one. It is important to keep in mind that this prohormone isn’t recommended for use by women for bodybuilding purposes.

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Dosage Instructions

10 mg – 30 mg / Day

If you’re looking to cycle with this prohormone soon and aiming for the best results, here’s a sample guide that you can use to help you get on the right track:

If you’re a first time Epistane user, the recommended dose is 30mg daily. Since this prohormone usually comes in 10mg capsules with an average half-life, you’ll need to dose up three times a day in 7-hour intervals, with the very first one taken upon waking. This cycle should be run for 4 weeks for optimum results.

If you’re an intermediate Epistane user, you can bump up your daily dose to 40mg. However, the first couple of 10mg capsules should be taken together upon waking. Some experienced users also recommend taking one 10mg pill before hitting the gym. This cycle should be run for 6 weeks for optimum results.

Additionally, if you’re an experienced user, you can take up to 50 to 60mg of Epistane each day for 6 weeks, but make sure you keep a close eye on your dosing intervals as well as the post cycle therapy or PCT that you’re going to do after.

Effect on Cycle

Here’s a quick rundown of the proven benefits that you’re in for when you include Epistane in your arsenal:


  • Promotes dry and hard muscle gains
  • Boosts overall strength levels
  • Helps get rid of unwanted fat
  • Can help improve general well-being and libido

Additional Information

What’s interesting about Epistane is it doesn’t set off the usual negative side effects triggered by its prohormone counterparts like aggression, acne outbreaks as well as sudden increased hair loss or hair growth, which makes it a top choice for newbies.


However, there is a possibility that you will experience a mild loss of libido, dry joints, and slight lethargy towards the latter stages of an Epistane cycle if you’re quite sensitive to this prohormone. This can be prevented by integrating a mild androgen like Stanodrol or “Stano” into your cycle, though.


It is still highly recommended that you use an on-cycle support and joint supplement to really keep clear from any side effects. Having a post cycle therapy or PCT going is also crucial after cycling with Epistane.




Now while we’ve touched on earlier that Epistane doesn’t set offside effects as much as its prohormone counterparts, it is still highly recommended to have a proper post cycle therapy or PCT going after cycling with this product.


Besides helping your body naturally build up its testosterone levels again, having a PCT also aids in keeping estrogen in check to stave off the loss of gains, increased water retention as well as the possibility of getting “bitch tits” or gynecomastia sooner or later.


Moreover, proper PCT also prevents your cortisol levels from getting out of hand after a cycle, which can promote an accelerated buildup of fat in the body

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