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Dihydroboldenone, is a 5alpha reduced form of the steroid boldenone. This lack of 5alpha reduction with the compound allows users to administer it without suffering the negative side effects associated with this chemical reaction.

When taken correctly the steroid stimulates muscle production in the body as well as keeping them hard and tight. For bodybuilding, you are supposed to accompany it with the correct work outs to achieve maximum results. DTH is a natural hormone that occurs in your body after testosterone conversion.  Just like some steroids which once in the body system convert into DTH and DHB, testosterone converts into estrogen and DTH. Depending on your level of usage. The DHB is mostly tied to cypionate ester which increases DHB half-life to about 8-10 days, and that’s why the drug is injected after every 4 or 6 days.

Just like other steroids has played a key role in helping athletes achieve their goals by providing strength and quality muscle growth. The drug has minimal side effects which makes it ideal for many professional bodybuilders.

DHB is highly anabolic meaning it’s capable of providing great lean muscles to its users.  The drug doesn’t increase water retention in the muscles and has zero aromatizing effects. In Short, if you’re looking for a steroid that will help you gain muscles and improve your performance, then DHB is the best compound for you.

The only concern majority of the DHB users have, is the post injection pains which should not bar you from using the product in comparison to the results it delivers. The drug provides body strength that enables users to work out for long hours and achieve the desired results

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DHB  (Dihydroboldenone) is structurally like methenolone and boldenone and less so to testosterone despite the commonly used name for it, 1-testosterone. For this reason, some female athletes may be inclined to use the drug as well. Dihydroboldenone, while not overly androgenic, is a potent anabolic.

The ideal DHB dosage ranges from 300 to 400mg per week for male users. The drug can also be used by female athletes but in low dosages. For the female athletes, it’s advisable to start with very low dosages to avoid adverse side effects such as virilization. Dosage for female athletes should be between 25 to 100mgs per week. However, for the females with zero experience with anabolic steroids, the dosage can be lowered, and then be increased later after finishing the beginner cycle.  The same also applies to men; beginners should avoid high DHB dosages.

It has been shown to be by far more anabolic than such compounds as boldenone, nandrolone, and even testosterone itself. Obviously, this is of great benefit to many athletes. Anecdotally some users have indicated that post-injection pain with dihydroboldenone can become an issue for some. Diluting the drug with either another injectable drug or some other type of sterile oil seems to alleviate at least some of this discomfort.

The DHB dosing frequency depends on the ester attached to the compound, but that doesn’t affect the dosages. Currently, cypionate is the most common ester used in the production of this drug.  The standard male dosage still ranges from 200mgs to 400mgs per week regardless of the ester involved.

DHB cutting cycles in bodybuilding helps to remove the unnecessary body fats or water retention in the muscles with the aim of achieving tight and lean muscles. Here your goal is to shed as many pounds as you can and achieve your desired lean muscles or body shape.

DHB has helped many athletes in their cutting cycles, and that’s why it a popular steroid among the elite athletes. When stacked properly it burns the excess body fats and eventually exposes all the body muscles. Cutting also helps in enabling the bodybuilders to achieve the body shape and strong tight muscles. Consult your doctor, to provide you with the best and effective DHB cutting cycle.

  • Dihydroboldenone is 5-7 times more active (anabolic) than testosterone itself.
  • Dihydroboldenone does not aromatize to estrogens. In fact, some studies suggest a slight anti-estrogen effect due to aromatase inhibition.
  • Dihydroboldenone is like Trenbolone or high dose Primobolan Acetate in effect without the libido issues.
  • Increases lean muscle mass, strength, muscle hardness and vascularity
  • Decreases body fat

Additional information

Chemical Composition

1-testosterone (dihydroboldenone)



Pack Size

10ml Vial


Nova Labs

Dosage Instructions

100-400mg / Week

Additional Information

Is not converted to estrogen in the body, therefore causes no:

  • Breast enlargement or water retention
  • No conversion into DHT in the body, therefore, won’t cause acne, scalp-hair loss, or body/facial hair growth.
  • No liver damage, stomach discomfort, or toxicity.

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