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Cardarine is one of the more popular SARM-like substances that is especially appealing to those wanting a serious performance boost, with this compound showing great ability to enhance endurance.

This can open doors to results in multiple areas from fat burning and muscle growth by taking advantage of your ability to push harder, to improved athletic performance.

Cardarine also works extremely well when used to support anabolic steroids, making it an excellent addition to a steroid cycle thanks to the way Cardarine can reduce or even prevent some of most worrying side effects many steroids introduce concerning cardiovascular health.

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Cardarine also goes by the name of Endurobol or by its original chemical research name of GW-501516. All these names refer to the exact same compound which has great benefits when used alone, but also some surprising and welcome benefits when combined with certain steroids.

The reason Cardarine became of interest to athletes is because of its effects on physical performance and its ability to offset cholesterol and blood pressure related changes that occur with the use of many steroids. Whether you’re a steroid user or not though, Cardarine offers multiple benefits, and this is what has made it such a popular compound, despite the fact it’s not always one of the easiest to find and purchase in pure form.

Cardarine is well known for its ability to promote improved endurance and more efficient fat burning, but early studies showed other benefits too like reducing cholesterol and preventing oxidative stress on the blood vessels, reducing inflammation on the kidneys and potentially other anti-inflammatory properties. The cessation of research on Cardarine unfortunately prevented any more specific findings in these areas but early results looked promising.

SARMs are known to be included in some authorized supplements as just one of many ingredients, and this can be a risk with Cardarine as well – but users wanting to get the best from this compound will always want to ensure you’re buying the pure form with the highest potency.

Cardarine is not a hormone and has no impact on hormones and this makes it equally useful for both females and males, with women able to utilize the compound at the exact same dosage as men.

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