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Andarine – S4

Andarine has become a compound of interest among athletes and bodybuilders for these very reasons. Athletes choose to use Andarine for potential performance benefits including lean muscle growth, increased strength and bone density, fat loss, better endurance and more efficient use of nutrients.

These positive effects come with the benefit of minimal androgenic effects which appeals especially to women who can suffer severe masculinizing side effects with anabolic steroids which have much higher androgenic properties than SARMs like Andarine do.

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Andarine (S4) was originally developed for medical purpose and exhibited promising potential in treating various conditions such as osteoporosis, benign prostatic hypertrophy (prostate enlargement), and muscle wasting conditions. By stimulating muscle growth and increasing bone density, Andarine aimed to address the challenges posed by these ailments and enhance the overall well-being of patients.

While subsequent research shifted its focus towards performance enhancement, it is important to recognize Andarine’s initial intended applications and the scientific basis that led to its exploration as a therapeutic agent.. However clinical trials are no longer being undertaken with this drug and, like all SARMS, it currently has no approval for use in humans.

Andarine can bring about such substantial benefits for athletes that some professionals have gone so far as to risk their careers in using it. Some of these athletes were caught through drug testing so any Andarine user who is a competitor must be mindful of testing.

Like all SARMs, Andarine is not an anabolic steroid and because it is an experimental drug without any long-term human trials, it can come with some unknown health risks. Like anabolic steroids, Andarine and all SARMs are not legal to purchase or use and are prohibited in professional sports.

The best uses of this concern its excellent ability to promote muscle mass and strength gains, fat loss and its excellent muscle hardening properties; in fact, it is one of the best hardening compounds you can use.

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Andarine has a very short half-life measured in just three to four hours. This will require you to take this SARM multiple times per day with three times daily being the standard and usually this will be taken at mealtimes. This regular dosing can make Andarine a SARM that is mostly appealing to the most serious users who are dedicated to not missing a dose.
Dosage varies wildly with experience and goals and can range from just 15mg daily up to 75mg as the maximum. Higher doses increase your risk of side effects so new users should always start low and evaluate your body’s reaction to Andarine before increasing the dosage. Hormone suppression is also more likely at higher doses.
The right dosage for you is an important consideration that should be carefully planned and evaluated as you go not only to ensure the best performance benefits and overall results, but also to balance out the side effects against these benefits. You will be wanting to take the optimal dose for best results while minimizing testosterone suppression and risk of eyesight related side effects.
If you’re a first time Andarine user, you will be looking at a trial-and-error approach initially by starting out with a low dose and evaluating both your results and any development of side effects.
Andarine is actually very beneficial at low doses, so there’s no need to raise the dose to dangerous levels under the assumption it will boost results. It is powerfully anabolic and will provide impressive benefits at sensible doses, usually starting low at the beginning of the cycle and slowly raising it as you progress.
An initial dose of 25mg daily will provide great benefit for most users and this can be increased over time to a maximum of 50mg per day, if vision issues don’t present themselves. 50mg per day should be the maximum anyone takes of Andarine.
Importantly, because Andarine has a very short half-life of as little as four hours, whatever dose you are taking will need to be split up during the day. Most people will stick to either two or three doses throughout the day. This strategy ensures that your blood concentration levels of Andarine remain at peak level.
Andarine Cycles
The maximum length of an Andarine cycle should always be no longer than 8 weeks, regardless of your dosage. This is to mostly minimize the risk of serious vision impairment issues developing.
Andarine only cycle
Starting Andarine at 25mg in this 8-week cycle making use solely of this SARM will allow you to evaluate its effects. If all is going well and vision related issues are minimal or non-existent then the dose can be increased to 50mg daily – but you should not exceed that dosage as the maximum.
Andarine bulking cycle
Testolone (RAD 140) works well in combination with Andarine in a bulking cycle stack. Starting Andarine at 25mg daily at the start and increasing it to 50mg daily, while using Testolone at just 10mg per day will provide excellent mass gains. Testolone can be increased to 20mg daily for more advanced users.
Andarine cutting cycle
A popular cutting stack involves the addition of Cardarine. Again, limiting Andarine to between 25mg and 50mg daily provides best results, and starting low then increasing it through the cycle is a common strategy. Cardarine is effective at 20mg daily in this stack. This stack will result in increased endurance, fat burning, muscle hardening and muscle retention.
Remember: Andarine’s short half-life will require you to split your desired dose into two to three doses daily to maintain optimal blood levels. All cycles should be limited to no longer than 8 weeks.
Andarine vs. Alternatives
While I’m not qualified to give out medical advice to you, I can’t recommend enough staying away from Andarine S-4 unless you have years of steroid and SARMs experience already. But even then, it would benefit you greatly to seriously look at alternative (safer) options.
Here’s why:
Andarine S-4 comes with some potentially very concerning impacts on your health. The side effects and possible long-term risks along with the relatively unknown consequences of using something like Andarine S-4 make it simply not worth the risk. Therefore, I strongly suggest looking into alternatives to Andarine S-4.
Post cycle theraphy is a critical aspect of anabolic steroid use due to the way that most steroids greatly suppress normal production of testosterone. When it comes to Andarine, some suppression of testosterone is a possibility despite it not being a steroid and not acting as a testosterone replacement in the body.
Even though this suppression will not be anywhere near the level that we experience with steroids, Andarine is thought to have a more suppressive effect than most other SARMs, however the extent of testosterone suppression is going to greatly depend on your dosage of Andarine and how long you’re using it for.
So, will you need to do PCT after using Andarine in the same way that you do with steroids? Some guys will, and some won’t. If you’re stacking Andarine with other suppressive compounds, then it’s a good idea to do some basic Nolvadex PCT
Others who are only doing moderate, short-term cycles of Andarine can find that testosterone is not affected to the point where PCT is needed to give it a boost, and regular testosterone production quickly goes back to normal. In any case Andarine will not cause a total crash of testosterone like steroids do.

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