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Anavar 10

Anavar is the original brand name of the androgen and anabolic steroid Oxandrolone. This is one of the most well-known Steroids in existence and has been a favourite amongst bodybuilders and athletes for decades.

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Anavar is fast acting steroid derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone) with a half-life of just 8 to 10 hours. It has been a widely used, respected and very popular steroid for a long time and is one of the few that can also be used by females because of its mild androgenic effects.

While Anavar is mildly toxic to the liver, as we would expect with an oral steroid, its hepatotoxicity level is minimal compared with many other steroids, making this an ideal choice for beginners.

When looking to purchase Anavar you are not likely to find it listed or labelled using that name on any current formulations; instead, it goes by the chemical name Oxandrolone. Despite this, the name Anavar is still commonly used to describe this compound.

Anavar has a powerful anabolic rating, yet at the same time is not a steroid that is as effective for bulking for men as other steroids are. While it can contribute to bulking with high quality weight gain with no water retention, Anavar is most powerful for use as a cutting steroid as well as for enhancing athletic performance.

Women who use Anavar will however find that it can add impressive lean muscle gains to the physique, and this is the main anabolic steroid that is suitable for woman to use for this purpose.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Anavar:

  • It is an oral steroid so it’s easy to administer
  • It can be used by both males and females
  • It has minimal side effects compared with many other steroids

Most importantly, this steroid has exceptional benefits for people who know exactly what they’re using it for, and almost all the time this is for the purpose of improving the physique through fat loss while retaining muscle mass, and for enhancing performance.

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Dosage Instructions

10 mg – 50 mg / day


The right Anavar dosage for you depends on two things: your gender and your goals.

As we’ll see, females can use and tolerate Anavar very well with excellent results at a very low dose. Males obviously require a higher dosage, but you should not make the mistake of boosting your dose of Anavar to extreme levels.

This is not a powerful bulking steroid and as such, there’s no benefit in taking very high doses; not only will it not improve results but will come with increased risk of side effects and ultimately be a waste of money as this is not the lowest cost steroid around. Let’s look at the more common dosages Anavar is used at.


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Anavar Dosage

In general, your experience level won’t greatly determine what dosage of Anavar you should use because it’s a well-tolerated steroid by most men.

Beginners might consider starting at just 30mg daily but be aware that this low of a dose may have little noticeable effect in some people. A better starting point for a beginner is 50mg daily for a cutting cycle.

Intermediate male Anavar users can increase dosage to 50mg to 80mg daily and expect excellent results when your diet and workouts are maintained to a high level for the goal of getting lean.

The most advanced users can push the Anavar dosage to 100mg daily, but this is considered at the upper end with no benefit in higher amounts.

Rather than increasing Anavar to higher doses for diminishing returns, almost all male users will greatly benefit from using Anavar in a stack with more powerful steroids and not as a sole steroid in a cycle.

Female Anavar Dosage

As you would expect, Anavar’s effects are going to be considerably more powerful to the female body in much lower doses than those that men consume. A dosage of just 10mg daily for women will prove highly effective for both cutting and gaining mass.

At this dose, body fat will be lost, muscle retained and gained, and a noticeable improvement in physique will be achieved with visible hardness and a highly toned body compared to before starting a cycle. Maintaining a 10mg daily dose minimizes risks of masculinization side effects occurring.

Anavar Cycles

The Anavar cycle length is usually set at about 8 weeks for males, and no more than 6 weeks for females. Men who are using Anavar in a cycle stack will usually run Anavar for the first (6 weeks) 8 weeks while continuing with other steroids for another 4 to 6 weeks, depending which compounds are used.

Even though it’s possible to use Anavar for 10 weeks or even longer and this is a common consideration due to Anavar’s relatively mild side effects on the body, extending to this length of time increases risks of liver damage therefore 8 weeks is advised as the maximum safe cycle length for Oxandrolone.

Anavar Only Cycle

Because of the relatively high testosterone suppression that Oxandrolone causes in dosages used for bodybuilding, it’s always recommended that at the very least Anavar is stacked with Testosterone when men are using this steroid.

This is obviously not a concern for women who can proceed with an Anavar only cycle at the recommended 10mg daily dose. Most cycles will utilize testosterone past the 8-week Anavar cycle length, extending to 12 weeks with testosterone before beginning post cycle therapy.

Anavar will probably not suppress you at a dosage of around 50-60mg/day for 4 weeks (I’ll do at least 6-8 weeks cycle myself). A small and steady dosage throughout the day (20mg/20mg/20mg) is what gives me the better results! For PCT just use 50mg/day Clomid for 3 weeks and you should recover quick. Start your Clomid PCT 5 days post cycle.

Beginner Anavar Cycles

A beginner can safely run an 8-week cycle (the maximum recommended length) at a dosage of 30-50mg daily. Even as a beginner it’s always beneficial and advisable to combine a testosterone compound for the entire duration of the cycle, as well as for several weeks following the end of Anavar use to avoid the adverse effects of low testosterone production.

Testosterone enanthate is a long-lasting ester which can be used for a 12-week cycle alongside Anavar. Your testosterone cycle dosage will depend on your personal goals, and how much muscle mass you’re looking to build; a 100mg minimum is suitable for testosterone maintenance purposes, and this can be extended right up to 500mg during the cycle if building some muscle mass is a goal.

Anavar / Clenbuterol / Testosterone Cycle

The following Anavar cycle can be used by any man, as Anavar is one of the mildest anabolic steroids on earth:

  • Week 1-12 – 100mg/eod Testosterone Propionate
  • Week 1-12 – Clenbuterol at 40mcg/ed week 1-2, 60mcg/ed week 3-4, 80mcg/ed week 5-6, 100mcg/ed week 7-8, 120mcg/ed week 9-10, 140mcg/ed week 11-12
  • Week 5-12 – 50mg/ed Anavar
  • Week 1-12 (optional) – 4iu/ed HGH; 0,5mg/eod Arimidex


Popular Anavar stack for beginners

  • Week 1-8 – 400mg/week Testosterone Cypionate
  • Week 9-12 – 100mg/eod Testosterone Propionate
  • Week 1-12 – Clenbuterol at 40mcg/ed week 1-2, 60mcg/ed week 3-4, 80mcg/ed week 5-6, 100mcg/ed week 7-8, 120mcg/ed week 9-10, 140mcg/ed week 11-12
  • Week 5-12 – 50mg/ed Anavar
  • Week 1-12 – 0,5mg/eod Letrozole

*ed – every day
*eod – every other day



Intermediate Anavar Cycles

More experienced users of Anavar often extend to the 50-70mg daily dose while sticking to an 8-week cycle. A testosterone ester should also be included in an intermediate cycle, and again the dosage will depend on what you’re trying to achieve and whether this is a hardcore cutting cycle.

100mg weekly for 12 weeks of testosterone enanthate is enough to support normal function of the hormone while natural levels are suppressed by Anavar. By limiting testosterone in this cycle, Anavar is left to take on the primary anabolic role, bringing about lean gains as well as incredible fat loss and toning throughout the cycle.




Advanced Anavar Cycles

80mg to 100mg daily for 8 weeks is an advanced Oxandrolone cycle, but more so for the advanced user will be the addition of multiple other steroids in a powerful stack.

A common addition to an Anavar cutting cycle is Trenbolone. Just like Anavar, Trenbolone is a non-aromatizing and non-estrogenic steroid so also does not cause any concern for water retention, making this a truly powerful combination for serious cutting needs and lean gains. 400mg weekly of Trenbolone acetate for 8 weeks will compound substantially on the results of Anavar.

Testosterone is advisable to be included in an advanced Anavar (Oxandrolone) cycle even if at just a maintenance dosage of 100mg weekly with your chosen ester, with propionate or enanthate being common choices.

A whole range of other steroids are commonly stacked with Anavar, including the powerful fat burner Winstrol, Equipoise, Proviron, Masterin or Primabolin.


The following cycle is for the far more advanced steroid user:

  • Week 1-12 – 200mg/eod Testosterone Propionate
  • Week 1-8 – 200mg/eod Equipoise
  • Week 1-12 – Clenbuterol at 40mcg/ed week 1-2, 60mcg/ed week 3-4, 80mcg/ed week 5-6, 100mcg/ed week 7-8, 120mcg/ed week 9-10, 140mcg/ed week 11-12
  • Week 5-12 – 80mg/ed Anavar, 100mg/eod Trenbolone Acetate
  • Week 8-12 – 100mg/eod Masteron
  • Week 1-12 (optional) – 4iu/ed HGH; 1mg/eod Arimidex

*ed – every day
*eod – every other day

Once again, if you are sensitive or do not want to risk it, simply stick with the beginner plans listed above.

Anavar for Women

Anavar at 10mg/day for 6-8 weeks is good, and you probably won’t have any side effects at all. As for best time to take Oxandrolone, split it into 2 doses a day at 5mg/each (once with breakfast, and again before bedtime).

The Anavar/Clen combo is good enough to get you some impressive weight loss results. Keep Clenbuterol to 50mcg a day and run it in 2 weeks on/2 weeks off pattern.

Anavar / Clenbuterol / HGH Cycle

Here is a solid cutting plan that includes Anavar, Clenbuterol and HGH. The inclusion of HGH is not a must.

  • Week 1-12 – Clenbuterol at 20mcg/ed week 1, 40mcg/ed week 2-4, 60mcg/ed week 5-7, 80mcg/ed week 8-10, 100mcg/ed week 11-12
  • Week 3-10 – 10mg/ed Anavar
  • Week 1-12 (optional) – 2iu/ed HGH



The next cycle is for the far more advanced female steroid user:

  • Week 1-12 – Clenbuterol at 20mcg/ed week 1, 40mcg/ed week 2-4, 60mcg/ed week 5-7, 80mcg/ed week 8-10, 100mcg/ed week 11-12
  • Week 1-5 – 10mg/ed Anavar
  • Week 5-8 – 100mg/week Primobolan Depot
  • Week 8-12 – 10mg/ed Anavar
  • Week 1-12 (optional) – 2iu/ed HGH




Anavar / Primobolan / Winstrol / HGH Cycle


While Anavar is perfect for cutting, for a woman it is fantastic for bulking as well:

  • Week 1-6 – 10mg/ed Anavar
  • Week 4-9 – 100mg/week Primobolan Depot
  • Week 7-12 – 10mg/ed Winstrol
  • Week 1-12 (optional) – 2iu/ed HGH

*ed – every day
*eod – every other day

In terms of Anavar PCT for females it’s simply not necessary, the female body will normalize with adequate time off.

Effect on Cycle

Anavar is a steroid that is most frequently used in a cutting cycle because of its powerful effect on fat burning and metabolic activity, ultimately helping you obtain a lean, hard and ripped physique.

The main active benefits and effects of Anavar include:

  • Increases Nitrogen Retention in the Muscle – This is a prime function of Anavar, and it is critical in keeping the body in an optimal anabolic state. The outcome of this is what Anavar is so well known for: retaining muscle mass while you’re cutting fat by preventing the body from going into a catabolic state where muscle tissue is lost, as is the case when nitrogen balance becomes negative.
  • Decreases SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) – SHBG naturally binds to estrogens and androgens, and with Anavar decreasing this protein it results in more free testosterone being available which gives a boost not only to your overall anabolic environment but also to any other steroids you’re using. While Anavar has mild natural testosterone suppression effects, it rarely fully suppresses or even suppresses half natural levels, so the decrease in SHBG is still highly beneficial regardless of what your testosterone levels are when using this steroid.
  • Inhibits Muscle Wasting Hormones – This is the original medical purpose of Anavar in the area of preventing and reversing muscle wasting. For bodybuilders, Anavar’s ability to inhibit hormones like cortisol results in reduced tendency to gain body fat and increased ability to retain lean muscle gains.
  • Increases Red Blood Cells – As a treatment for anemia, Anavar has a very useful effect on red blood cell count which brings about heightened endurance by transporting more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles during exercise. This not only has a performance enhancing effect, but a physically appealing one as well with more oxygen and blood being carried through the veins resulting in enhanced vascularity.
  • Enhances Metabolic Rate and Lipolysis – This makes Anavar an extremely powerful fat burning steroid where calories and stored body fat are efficiently utilized as energy.



The real power of Anavar exists in its ability to help you retain existing muscle tissue while you burn fat during a cutting phase. Anavar will boost the rate of fat burning, while bringing about a hard, lean and tight physique with increased vascularity.

More Potential results you can expect to see during and by the end of a cycle include:

  • Weight loss (fat loss) during diet phases without the loss of muscle tissue
  • More defined, harder and tighter muscle definition
  • Increased vascularity thanks to a tighter physique and decreased fat
  • Less fat gains the off season thanks to Anavar’s powerful anabolic properties
  • Some gain of lean muscle tissue in men with no water retention. Females can expect impressive but not over-the-top muscle gains.
  • Some noticeable increases in strength, power and speed making Anavar appealing for athletes who want these benefits without the attention-grabbing muscle gains of other steroids

No risk of water retention is a major advantage with Anavar and a huge reason why it’s such a popular and potent cutting compound, including for competitive users.



Anavar is not a useful bulking steroid and as such, is rarely used for this purpose as there are countless other steroids with significantly more potent mass building ability than Anavar which would need to be consumed in very high and unsafe doses to achieve serious mass gains.

Additional Information

On the scale of severity of side effects that steroids can cause, Anavar is near the bottom. This is a side effect friendly compound compared with most others, but that doesn’t mean there are zero risks of adverse effects.

Oxandrolone is not an estrogenic steroid, so you don’t need to use aromatase inhibitors with it. However, as most men will be using other steroids stacked with Anavar the use of aromatase inhibitors might still be required depending which compounds are being used.

The main issues to watch out for include:

  • Low Testosterone – While Anavar is far from the most highly suppressive steroid we can use; it can still reduce your natural testosterone production down by half or more. If you already have low testosterone levels, Anavar can be enough to push it well down where you’ll experience related side effects like low libido, mood changes and fatigue. This is a reason it’s always advised to add an exogenous source of testosterone to all Anavar cycles, so your Test levels are maintained, and you can focus on your goals and not mitigating low testosterone side effects.
  • Hair Loss – Anavar won’t cause you to start going bald if you weren’t going to go bald later in life thanks to your genetics. On other words, if you’re predisposed to hair loss then Anavar might make it happen earlier, but as with all other side effects with this steroid, it’s certainly not guaranteed to happen and especially when dosages are kept at moderate levels the chances are slimmer of any hair loss issues occurring.
  • Acne – Another possible effect of DHT steroids like Anavar is acne because of increased activity of the sebaceous glands, which can also bring about oily skin. Again, if you have had acne issues in the past, you’re at higher risk of this side effect however sensible doses and assuring you only use high quality Oxandrolone can minimize the risk of acne and skin related side effects.
  • Liver Toxicity – All oral steroids carry some toxicity to the liver, but Anavar is at the lower end of the scale in this regard. However, that doesn’t mean excessive use of Anavar should take place; make no mistake that Anavar still carries liver toxicity risks as a C17-aa steroid and its use will more than likely result in changes to liver enzymes which indicates liver stress. This is the reason an 8-week cycle is recommended as the maximum length, and it’s just as important to avoid the use of not only Anavar, but any other oral C17-aa steroid until the liver has returned to normal functionality. Additionally, alcohol should be avoided to avoid additional stress to the liver.
  • Virilization in Females – Anavar is possible the most female friendly steroid in existence and it’s more than possible for women to experience no virilization side effects at all when dosages are maintained at a low level of no more than 20mg daily (however 10mg is advised as the best dose to avoid deepening of the voice and other masculinization side effects). Typical masculinization effects that can occur for women are body hair growth, deepening of the voice and clitoral enlargement. While these reactions are an almost certainly when a woman uses any other steroid, they are considerably less likely to occur with Anavar at the recommended dosage and when a cycle is kept to no more than six weeks.



All anabolic steroids come with risks but with sensible dosage and cycle lengths, Anavar side effects can be well controlled by both male and female users.


Anavar Post Cycle Therapy

Even though Anavar is a comparatively mild steroid, PCT is always ideal following a cycle. Additionally, most users will combine other steroids into the cycle, making PCT even more mandatory to recover hormone function and keep the gains you’ve made.

The PCT protocol you follow will depend on what you can obtain and what other steroids you’re using. Adding Clomid and HCG is a good option. 2500IU of HCG per week for the first two weeks of PCT, and Clomid at 50 mg daily for three (four) weeks will greatly improve results post-PCT.

Even an Anavar only cycle requires PCT (doesn’t need to be an aggressive one) otherwise you will be waiting many months for normal testosterone production function to be restored; during which time you’re likely to suffer the effects of low testosterone.

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