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Anabolicum/Ligandrol, or its research name of LGD-4033, is a popular SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) which like most SARMs has been to specifically target androgen receptors in the muscles and bones.

This means it should have little to no impact on any other areas of the body, unlike steroids which directly alter the hormones and cause some drastic side effects. LGD is valued not only for the results it can deliver, but in the way it can do so with often no side effects at all or only very mild ones in some users.

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Human clinical trials have shown clearly that this SARM can increase muscle mass without the gaining of fat. This makes Anabolicum (LGD) one of the few SARMs that have scientific proof through human studies of its effectiveness for bodybuilders and performance athletes, making this a SARM that is very appealing to a range of users with different goals from bulking and cutting, to improving recovery and body composition

Anabolicum (LGD) is an oral SARM that is still listed as an investigational drug as its possible benefits and medical applications are still being researched. It is intended to possibly treat conditions like osteoporosis and muscle wasting and this gives us some insight into what this SARM might be able to do.

We know that LGD has multiple benefits for athletes: it can help build muscle and repair muscle. This is a parallel benefit to that experienced with anabolic steroids, but LGD-4033, while not as powerful as the most potent steroids, can deliver benefits with a much-reduced side effect profile compared with steroids.

This SARM has shown to have high levels of androgenic activity, resulting in high suppression of testosterone in trials as well as impacts on good cholesterol (HDL) levels at a dosage of just 1mg daily.

Like all SARMs, LGD is banned in professional sports and listed as a prohibited substance. It has been found included as an ingredient, illegally, in some performance supplements and some elite athletes have been caught unaware that they’ve taken LGD and subsequently been caught through drug testing.

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